United Planet signs partnership with Respiro

Respiro, a company providing IT Infrastructure Consulting located in Sydney, Australia expands its portfolio with the portal solution Intrexx

Freiburg, Germany and Sydney, Australia, 5th June 2015. United Planet provides thousands of customers with Intrexx, an integrated platform-independent development environment for fast, simple creation and management of multilingual Web applications, intranets, enterprise portals, customer portals or mobile portals. Today United Planet made its new partnership with Respiro official.

As an Intrexx partner, Respiro will conduct portal projects with companies in the Sydney area and connect people and information together in a user-friendly interface. Respiro is working with customers in the IT Infrastructure vertical, and the company now intends to supply its customers with Intrexx in order to help them simplify their daily tasks, get access to all critical information on mobile devices, automate their business processes and reinvent the way they cooperate and communicate internally and externally.

“We are currently working with customers in the IT Infrastructure vertical, and they all have specific requirements. Intrexx now offers us a unique and flexible solution, which will help us successfully solve the pains of our customers in this industry sector.”

“Our customers are in need of a complete and easy-to-use platform independent portal suite, and with the intuitiveness and user-friendly interface of Intrexx is, we will be able to answer that need.”

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