Cloud has changed the Technology landscape. No argument there, but why? Not just because it seems cheaper and you can spin it up and down as you need it but because you know you what you get and when you get it. It has provided that rare thing in the history of Technology; it serves the business rather than business being held to ransom by Technologies’ insatiable need for more investment.

Applying a cloud model to how you deliver Technology to your own Customers whether they are internal or external is becoming essential. It is the model against which you will be measured. Choosing to stay internal, move fully to the cloud or providing a hybrid of these offerings can all be delivered in a seamless experience to the user and it is this experience that will keep users coming back and not going outside the organisation to fulfill their requirements.

There are a number of challenges to achieving this, Respiro has the experience in overcoming these challenges.

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Single Pane of Glass

Intranet, extranet, portal – lots of names to describe what Service Catalogue Aggregation is, essentially. Bring Customers to a central place for delivery of everything; make it easy for them to consume your services. Think about the User experience design and make it an easy and efficient process.

Respiro have partnered with United Planet and deployed their Intrexx portal software to achieve this. We are not a software company; this product does not require us to be. It has the all the integration capabilities to communicate with external systems that publish their APIs, a wokflow engine, is mobile friendly and is so competitively priced that we cannot believe anyone would consider building from scratch ever again.



The great challenge of moving in and out of the cloud that lots of people (self-titled technology experts included) still have not realised. Ignore it and your Customers will have more accounts, user names and passwords and that equals more difficulty in consuming your service and that translates to failure.


Systems of Record

Keep your Systems of Engagement separate from your Systems of Record.  Build modular design and architecture so allowing changes in components that do not require an overhaul of your whole world.

When that System of Record is your IT Service Management platform, Respiro have worked with and highly recommend SupaTOOLS. It delivers all the functionality you need, it has all the published APIs that allow us integrate it with an Extranet Portal and as with Intrexxit is very competitively priced