Respiro add LeanIX and Signavio as partners.

We wrote in our first blog post about our thoughts on Enterprise Architecture. In brief, it is the way to own your ICT direction but too often it only delivers fluffy presentations and banal statements that under the covers, deliver very little. Since we wrote that blog we have been working with two SaaS offerings […]

Portals, digital platforms and workspaces

Portals, digital platforms & workspaces are very commonly used terms today. In our view, they provide a way of presenting tasks and information to people in a very efficient way, and as such we are strong supporters. Better service delivery We believe in organisations having multiple portals for different use cases, anywhere there are services […]

automation the scrouge of mankind

Automation: the scourge of mankind

Automation, the scourge of mankind, the cause of mass unemployment and the rise of the robots that will take over the planet or, just further steps to improve productivity and efficiency. We’re not sure which but the latter is certainly possible. We have strong views on how to go about automating and orchestrating your world […]

Enterprise Architecture: expensive PowerPoint fluff or guiding principles for design?

A quick Internet search on Enterprise Architecture reveals mostly articles on how to set up your Enterprise Architecture Team, how to fill your Architecture Repository or vapid, powder-puff presentations containing self-help generalisations such as the following: Tech’s 10 Universal EA Principles 1.Enterprise value focus – aim to provide maximum long-term benefits to the enterprise as a whole, while […]

padlock and chain

27001 – Endless meaningless documents or decision making without ego

For those not aware ISO 27001:2013 (to use its Sunday title) has the following opening paragraph on Wikipedia: “ISO/IEC 27001:2013 is an information security standard that was published in September 2013[1] It supersedes ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and is published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) under the joint ISO […]

United Planet awarded Social Business Leader 2016

United Planet awarded Social Business Leader 2016 The software company, United Planet, has been awarded the prize of Social Business Leader for the third time in a row. In a new study, Experton accredited the producer with a highly attractive product and service portfolio. The data integration capabilities of the software, Intrexx, were especially convincing […]

United Planet signs partnership with Respiro

Respiro, a company providing IT Infrastructure Consulting located in Sydney, Australia expands its portfolio with the portal solution Intrexx Freiburg, Germany and Sydney, Australia, 5th June 2015. United Planet provides thousands of customers with Intrexx, an integrated platform-independent development environment for fast, simple creation and management of multilingual Web applications, intranets, enterprise portals, customer portals […]